Camera Operator
Over the last 10 years Corey Steib has worked with some of the best people in the business creating strong story telling with the technical knowledge to bring compelling images to each project that he has done. When you need someone who is reliable, consistent and can get things done under pressure and on budget then you need Corey Steib. 


With the ever fast growing world of digital cameras now a days, you still need more then a camera to visually tell your story to your audience that will compel and engage them. Whether you are producing a for the Web, a Training Video, Commercials, Corporate Videos, TV Shows, or a Feature Film, let Corey's 10 years of experience, vision, and technical knowledge ensure that you get the best image possible.


If you are looking to grow as a Cinematographer or Media Manager (Camera, Lighting, Data), or if you are in need of specialized training, insight and technique then let Corey help you  as he offers one on one consultation. With 10 years of experience working on small and big budget projects, he can help you expan or refine you craft and become over all better.

Gear Rental

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