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RED Turns Focus To Sony With Patent Suit
by Corey Steib on February 14th, 2013

That's right and it's no joke as RED wants to sue Sony over Patent just as Sony's new flagship cameras are coming out (F5 and F55). I found this out last night from Planet 5D also known as @planetMitch on twitter along with a few other sources confirming this as well as Sony
So you have to now ask yourself this, what is RED thinking as I think they are clearly not as they want to try and go up against a big company like Sony who are pretty much blowing everyone out of the water in the camera world right now. RED was the power house and game changer back in 2007/2008 but now the competition has caught up in 2012/2013 and they are scared because they are losing business and I think it all comes down to 2 things. 

1. Listen to your Customers 

2. Don't stop inventing 

You don't have to be on reduser to hear the story's about how if you say anything negative on the site you will get kicked off and black listed as it were. And just ask a few guys like Michael Sutton and he can tell you all about it.  Now I am not trying to hate on Red here as I have worked with the camera before and it's a great tool but when you stop listening to your customers (people who by your product and put money in your pocket) then you really need to stop, think and look as RED has really forgotten about this. But time will come as to see if RED will in fact follow though with there patent suite. Lowering your prices is great and all but there needs to be more and it starts with the customer. 

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